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Fairdoor is the first job marketplace where companies pay candidates to complete assessments before hiring them.

Andrew applied
Account Executive
NYC, Permanent
First interview
Paid assessment • $600
Hired 🎉
Recruiter Hiring Candidate
Ana Luisa
AB Tasty
Blue Cargo

Interview the Top 5% GTM candidates

We curate all candidates on Fairdoor and only 5% make the cut. Get detailed data on their sales performance and motivations.

Joseph Leavitt

Senior Account Executive

8 years exp
Candidate picture
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Avg. deal size
$ 40K
Avg. deal cycle
2 months
Annual quota
$ 725K
Jeffery Borchert

Senior software engineer

4 years exp
Candidate picture
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Avg. deal size
€ 80K - 100K
Avg. deal cycle
4 - 6 months
Annual quota
€ 650k
Eleanor Roark

Digital project manager

12 years exp
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Avg. deal size
€ 120K - 230K
Avg. deal cycle
2 - 3 months
Annual quota
€ 1.6M

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Looking for success stories?

Account Executive @Drop

Remote, USA • Drop
Job Type



$ 215k


Paid • $ 1,500

Hiring Process

First Interview: 45min
Paid assessment - $1,500

Part I - Mock Sales ($500)
• Mock sales meeting in our buyer context
• Self-reflection & coaching
est. time: 3h

Part II - Market Study ($1,000)
• Strategic thinking on a customer segment
• Lead targeting & approach design
est. time: 8h preparation + 1h presentation

Hired 🎉
We found a rare combination of hands-on and experienced in a talent. That's not something you uncover in a regular interview process. 
Recruiter Description Benjamin Benichou Founder Drop Usedrop.io

Benjamin B.

Founder & CEO @Drop

Partnership Manager @Analuisa

NYC / Remote, USA • Analuisa
Job Type



$ 175k


Paid • $ 1,000

Hiring Process

First Interview: 1h
Paid assessment • $ 1,000

Business Case Study
• Customer segment study
• Industry research
• Pricing strategy
est. time: 10h

Referrals & Culture Interview
Hired 🎉
Stellar hiring experience. We always meet outstanding talents in record time. 
Adam Bohbot CMO Founder at Analuisa Analuisa.com recruiter company

Adam B.

CMO @Analuisa

Sales Director @BlueCargo

Los Angeles, USA • BlueCargo
Job Type



$ 275k


Paid • $ 2,100

Hiring Process

First Interview: 1h / Track record & Fit
Paid assessment - $ 2,100

Round I - Case Study ($900)
• Freight challenges onboarding
• Strategic study
est. time: 8h

Round II - Onsite ($1,200)
• Meet the team / fit interviews
• Management review
est. time: 6h, on site only

Hired 🎉
The competition for talented people is fierce. We stood out with fairdoor.
Alexandra Griffon Founder CEO at Bluecargo Recruiter on fairdoor for a Sales job. Or go-to-market job.

Alexandra G.

CEO & Co-Founder @BlueCargo

Account Executive @OVRSEA

Job Type



$ 180k


Paid • $ 800

Hiring Process

First Interview
Paid assessment - $ 800

Round I - Sales simulation ($300)
• Prepare a list of prospect
• Fake-prospect them
est. time: 3h

Round II - Market dive($500)
• Study a customer segment
• Present your work
est. time: 4h

Hired 🎉
We only met A+ talent and paying for assessment rebalanced the recruiting process. 
Alexandra Griffon Founder CEO at Bluecargo Recruiter on fairdoor for a Sales job. Or go-to-market job.

Juliette B.

Talent Acquisition @OVRSEA

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Any Questions?

Why should companies pay candidates?

Hiring mistakes are life-or-death matters. There's nothing more reliable to understand future performance than to actually work with someone first and amazing people won't work for free.

It also shows they value candidates' time, which is a great way to stand out.

What's a paid assessment?

Paid assessments are short paid evaluations, simulations, or work used to evaluate candidates. They are completely customizable, and reflect the actual job role to ensure companies and candidates understand if they are a good match. Paid assessments can be split into several stages and payments.

What are the rules?
Unpaid work is forbidden and every hiring process begins with a 1-hour interview.
Assessments can be on-site or remote and should reflect the real job.
Companies can split the assessments into several paid stages.
Payment is due once the assessment is completed, no matter the performance or the outcome.