A radically different hiring experience

Finding a job is not a free trial. Land a job in a company that pays during the hiring process.


Get vetted once

Once you're vetted on Fairdoor, companies pledge not to screen your profile again.


First Interview

Companies have only one interview of 1h before the paid assessment.


$$ Assessments

Your work is paid, no matter the outcome.



Land a job at the company you have loved working with.

Join sales professionals from the best tech companies in the world

Find the team you love working with

Get rewarded for your time
Show your real skills
Get to know your future boss before committing to the job
Job offers in sales with a paid assessment
Recruiter Hiring Candidate

Paid assessments?

Paid assessments are regular skill evaluations, but paid. Each company has its own formula for success.

Candidate feedback on Fairdoor
Joseph Leavitt

Senior Account Executive

8 years exp
Candidate picture
Checked Icon
Avg. deal size
$ 40K
Avg. deal cycle
3 months
Annual quota
$ 725K
Jeffery Borchert

Senior software engineer

4 years exp
Candidate picture
Checked Icon
Avg. deal size
€ 80K - 100K
Avg. deal cycle
4 - 6 months
Annual quota
€ 650k
Eleanor Roark

Digital project manager

12 years exp
Candidate picture
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Avg. deal size
€ 120K - 230K
Avg. deal cycle
2 - 3 months
Annual quota
€ 1.6M

What you get as a company

Stand out and show candidates you value their time
Avoid hiring mistakes:
Expect more efforts and time from candidates.
Get the job done first and only hire people you love working with.

Any Questions?

Why should companies pay candidates?

Hiring mistakes are life-or-death matters. There's nothing more reliable to understand future performance than to actually work with someone first and amazing people won't work for free.

It also shows they value candidates' time, which is a great way to stand out.

What's a paid assessment?

Paid assessments are short paid evaluations, simulations, or work used to evaluate candidates. They are completely customizable, and reflect the actual job role to ensure companies and candidates understand if they are a good match. Paid assessments can be split into several stages and payments.

What are the rules?
Unpaid work is forbidden and every hiring process begins with a 1-hour interview.
Assessments can be on-site or remote and should reflect the real job.
Companies can split the assessments into several paid stages.
Payment is due once the assessment is completed, no matter the performance or the outcome.